How it works

step 1

Fill out our contact form or give us a call or email.  We will get back to you and set up an initial consultation.  During our first call we will also let you know how to prepare for the initial consultation.

step 2

We will start with an in-person initial consultation where we discuss the scope of project, budget, your style, and timeline.  We prefer to do this onsite (if possible) to get a real feel for the project.  

Step 3

We will send over a proposal with service costs and details.  Once you have signed on, we are ready to get started!!

Step 4

This step is all about you!  We will get together and talk about your style, likes, and dislikes, function, and must-haves.  And please dont be shy; the more we know the better.  

step 5

Here comes the fun!  After getting to know you, we will put together Design Concept Boards.  These will communicate the concept and feel of the project.  This is also the time when we would send over any layout options if that is needed as well.  

step 6

After we find a concept you LOVE, its time to get serious (j/k, this is our fave part).  This step initiates the finishes selection.  We will handle every detail from countertops to doors and everything in between. 

step 7

Once our finishes are finalized, time to get this construction party started!  We will set up meetings with our go-to contractor and tradespeople.  You will sign contracts with them and we will get to work managing the project from start to finish. We will be in charge of communication with the contractor and tradespeople and schedule all installs.  We take care of product ordering, spec sheets (including tile layout diagrams), and inspect job site after every stage of construction.

step 8

Once your project is about 3-4 months from completion, we will present the furniture and accessories for the project, get your approval, and get it ordered.

step 9

INSTALL DAY!!! Need I say more?  This is where all your hard work pays off.  We will be installing the furniture and all the finishing touches.  Then you get to see your space transformed and all your visions and dreams come alive.